Stories From Gem is the solo project of Swedish singer, songwriter and producer, Jenny Johansson.

She creates an intimate atmosphere with powerful vocals, laced with soulful narratives and intriguing melodies that alternates between darkness and light. Driven by dreamy guitars, melodic riffs and dynamic rhythms.

Over the past year, she has played at various festivals and venues in Sweden, together with a small band set. Such as Göteborgs Kulturkalas, Folk å Rock, BeatMeet Festival,
Moriska Paviljongen, Stockholm Folk Festival, Mejeriet, Inkonst. She has also performed her music live on Swedish Radio P4 and local radio.

Stories from Gem is currently working on her debut EP, which is expected to be released in 2017.

Jenny started writing songs at the age of 8. When she was 13, she taught herself to play guitar and was later noted for her demos that she published on the Internet. Shortly after, she won a digital music competition.

After high school, she spent several years traveling and working abroad, but decided to move back home to focus on her music. Determined to become her own producer, she set up a simple home studio in her bedroom and began to learn how to produce her songs, while writing new songs.

- I was tired of being dependent on someone else to be able to produce my music. I had written so many songs during the years and was eager to record them. So I thought; "Fuck it, I do it myself".





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Photos: Erika Weiland, Senad Honic


Date Venue Location Info
Oct 18 Victoriateatern Malmö, Sweden More Info
June 16 Mossagårdsfestivalen 2017 Veberöd, Sweden More Info
Mar 24 Poeten på hörnet Malmö, Sweden More Info
Nov 19 BeatMeet Festival 2016 Jönköping, Sweden More Info
Sept 17 Kulturnatten 2016 Lund, Sweden More Info
July 20 Folkets Bar Malmö, Sweden More Info
June 4 Mejeriet - This Is Lund Festival 2016 Lund, Sweden More Info
May 20 Folk å Rock Malmö, Sweden More Info
Mar 9 Tjili Pop Copenhagen, Denmark More Info
Jan 31 Inkonst Malmö, Sweden More Info
Dec 3 Moriska Paviljongen Malmö, Sweden More Info
Nov 15 Malmö Live - Kafé The Deli Malmö, Sweden More Info
Oct 9 Café & Le Lund, Sweden More Info
Aug 15 Göteborg Kulturkalas 2015 Göteborg, Sweden More Info
AUG 8 Stockholm Folk Festival 2015 Stockholm, Sweden More Info


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